Happy Ending Massage

The Happy ending Massage therapy is the focus on the end of each massage therapy, some call it a  “Lingam Massage “others call it the ”Happy End”. On the webpage of the massage service Schiphol Airport we putt the concentrate on the develop energy and needs to be released from the body for that special en complete relaxed sensing.

It will probably be applied after every one of the massages you might have ordered on our internet site.

The Happy Ending Massage is just not the target, but rater an added bonus therapeutic massage and it is unusual to get a gentlemen to not have an orgasm during this period. The Lingam can be a eroticism of your maximum standard.

Do you want to be assured with this unique way of relax service  ? Now we will see buy and fly thought the Airport! Are you ready for take off ?? Please fasten your seatbelt !

Which support contained in this bundle

  • Sexual excitement, powerful sexual climax
  • completely satisfaction
  • Release of build up pleasure & relaxing to body and mind.
  • Total relaxing of mind and body
  • FREE
  • It`s included with all the other massages.

No matter if you may have ordered a consistent regular Swedish restorative massage or perhaps a delicate at each sort of massage you may obtain a FREE Happy Ending Massage  on the house. Do you know that you are able to previously make a choice of our own beautiful masseuses?

Visit our page today and requested the girl that suits you! These incredible females work each day to give you the “hard functioning men” the earned rest. Check out our exclusive packages on our prices page and choose the package deal that best suits you the best!

Did you know that you can also have a Happy Ending with the four hand massage ?? Experience this climax today and give us a call.

Note: This service is available from 11:00AM to 05:00AM on every day of the week.


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